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What is Revenue Operations?

Revenue Operations is the science of Revenue Growth. To grow revenue, you need a mix of the correct people, process, and technology.

A RevOps professional is someone who helps find that mix and makes sure your GTM engine is running as efficiently and effectively as possible.

There are many jobs that fall under this RevOps professional bucket. Different companies have slightly different needs. There are best practices for startups using HubSpot.

How do I implement RevOps at my startup?

You have 2 options:

Option 1

Emphasis on Manager.

One of the biggest mistakes startups make is hiring too junior or senior when making their first RevOps hire.


See the differences here.

Hire a RevOps Manager.

Option 2

Hire a Fractional RevOps team.

For most startups, this ends up being the better option to get started with RevOps.


See the breakdown of Hiring a Fractional RevOps team vs an In-house resource here.

Meet your Fractional Team

Your team will consist of the following 3 people:


RevOps Manager

Has an expert level grasp on both Architecting a HubSpot instance as well as  implementing the RevOps best practices. This will be your primary point of contact.


HubSpot Super Admin

Expert level grasp on all things HubSpot. Handles the actual build out work.


HubSpot Basic Admin

Expert level grasp on Hubspot.  Handles the day to day admin work.

Each SonaMation client has access to a HubSpot Developer. This resource can be used for any complex integration needs or to push HubSpot beyond what most think is possible.

Our Team


Crystal Bell


Kenlee Rong


Jasper Vargas


Grayson Faircloth


Katie Masell


Drew Bliss


Magen Fernandez

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